Mad for Mediterranean Couscous

Who doesn't love a Mediterranean dish that is super quick and easy to make?! This refreshing couscous with lemon dressing is something you will be wanting every night! Only a few steps are required and you will have a delectable meal! This dish is perfect for one time use, meal prepping, or even for left… Continue reading Mad for Mediterranean Couscous


Raspberry Nice Cream

Ice cream that's healthy?! I think yes! This amazing 'nice cream' should fill all of those late night ice cream cravings. Dessert AND healthy?! I can't think of anything better! All you need for this recipe is a few ingredients that are┬áinterchangeable for anyone's wants or needs. If you love fruit but want to change… Continue reading Raspberry Nice Cream


Refreshing Summer Detox Water

Ever get tired of drinking just plain water, but don't want to settle for something so sugary like soda? Well you're in luck! Today I'm going to be showing you how to make your very own fruit detox water, using all natural ingredients! This super simple recipe will have you craving more water- which is… Continue reading Refreshing Summer Detox Water


Healthy ‘Green Machine’ Smoothie

Hello all! Have an appetite for a yummy, vitamin-filled smoothie?! Then you are in for a treat! Today I will be showing you how to make my personal favorite green smoothie that is filled with healthy ingredients- nothing fake! I hate when I am craving a smoothie at a restaurant because I can never trust… Continue reading Healthy ‘Green Machine’ Smoothie


Cilantro Lime Beans & Rice

Who doesn't love a good burrito bowl? Especially one that you can make yourself! With this delicious cilantro lime beans and rice combo, you will have a real crowd pleaser on your hands! This simple and delightful┬árecipe can be made for lunch or dinner, and is great served with your favorite burrito bowl toppings, or… Continue reading Cilantro Lime Beans & Rice


Classic Avocado Toast

This classic egg and avocado toast will give you an amazing kick-start to your day! With protein, grains, and healthy fats, this low-carb meal will leave you feeling full and healthy all morning! With just a few simple ingredients, this yummy breakfast will be done in no time! Ingredients: yield for one person 1 egg,… Continue reading Classic Avocado Toast


Teriyaki with a Twist

Craving Asian-styled rice and veggies, but still want to be healthy? Well, this is the perfect recipe for you! With this very customizable recipe, that craving will be taken care of in no time. This recipe is quick, simple, and absolutely delicious! One night, I wanted to make a super healthy yet very delicious meal… Continue reading Teriyaki with a Twist